Evidence Act, Section 27 - Merely because the actual recovery of the body happened before the accused lead the police to the scene, it does not, in the facts and circumstances of this case, negate the validity of the recovery based on a confession, in terms of Section 27 of the Evidence Act - From the evidence of the witnesses discussed supra, it is amply clear that the dead body recovered from TC was identified by PW1 and her family members as Ss , and the same body was exhumed from the burial grounds. It is evident from the depositions that the recovery of the dead body was made from the Tiger Chola forest area, which is the same place to which Accused No. 2 led the investigation team based on his confession about disposal of the dead body - Criminal Trial  - IPC,  S. 302, 364 and 201. 2019 SCeJournal 471



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