1. East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949 (III of 1949) S.  2(dd) - Merely because Indian Government instead of issuing passport from India, had issued his passport from Consulate General of India located at Toronto ipso facto would not make him a Canadian citizen - Issuance of passport by the Canadian Government to its citizen as Canadian citizen only will be taken to be   relevant - Long stay of an Indian citizen in any foreign land without he having taken citizenship of that foreign country would not deprive him of his Indian citizenship and there can be no denial to his status of an NRI, if he otherwise comes within the ambit and scope of the provision of Section 2(dd) of the Act - Even if it be taken that they are permanently settled in Canada without acquiring citizenship there, even then they continue to be Indian citizens and as such, their status as NRIs is not lost. (176) PLR
  2. East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949 (III of 1949) S.  2(j) - Not only only the areas falling within municipal limits are urban areas for the purpose of the Act but also other areas which have been declared as urban areas by notification by the State Government for the purpose of the Act are also urban areas for this purpose - Jurisdiction of Civil Court to try the suit for possession by ejectment of the tenants (defendants) is, therefore, barred by the Act.  (174) PLR 


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