• Face Book Page - Social Media - Posting comment on the face book of the traffic police - Accusing of Inspector's misbehaviour - Respondent-Police Inspector filed a complaint regarding posting of comment registered against the appellants - FIR was registered against appellants under Sections 353 and 506 IPC - Allegation that appellants abused complainant and obstructed the second respondent from discharging his public duties and spoiled integrity - Mere expression of any words without any intention to cause alarm would not be sufficient to bring in section 503 IPC - Has to be seen whether by posting a comment on the Facebook of the traffic police, the conviction under that Section could be maintainable - Before considering the materials on record, we may usefully refer to Section 353 IPC - There is absolutely nothing on record to show that the appellants either assaulted the respondents or used criminal force to prevent the second respondent from discharging his official duty - FIR quashed - Penal Code, 1860 (XLV of 1860) S. 353, 503. (S.C.)(182) PLR

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