1. Family - Has been the dominating institution, both in the life of the individual and in the society - It is a basic, cohesive and integral unit of larger social system - We are seeing rapidly changing family scenario - Our children will always be our children - The parents believe in trial and error principles so far children are concerned - Even though parents do all right things for children specifically children and their families, but many a times, children feel that they are not being treated equally and this results into tearing break ups which is very anguishing for the parents.(181) PLR 
  2. Family Law - Members of a joint Hindu family may, to maintain peace or to bring about harmony in the family, enter into such a family arrangement - If such an agreement is entered into  bona fide<D>   and the terms thereto are fair in the circumstances of a particular case - Defendant had got passed consent decree in favour of defendant No.1, who was none else, but his real brother's son and had been serving defendant No.2 during his life time - The plaintiff, who is daughter of defendant No.2, had been living separately with her husband - There is no bar for defendant No.2 not to transfer his rights in the joint Hindu property in favour of close family friends with his free consent.  (183) PLR
  3. Family Partition - Plaintiff did not come forward with details and clarification with regard to the alleged family arrangement - Rather, stand taken by the defendants in their pleadings denying the alleged family partition remained uncountered by the plaintiff as no replication was filed by him - Going by strict rules of pleadings and evidence to be brought by the parties in support of their rival claims set up in such pleadings, no evidence beyond the domain and sweep of the pleadings can be received by the court - When there is absolutely no basis laid in the plaint for it, consideration of Roznamcha entry  is beyond pleadings and thus, could not have been accepted in evidence. (178) PLR
  4. Family Pension Scheme, 1964 - Haryana Compassionate Assistance to the Dependants of deceased Government Employee Rules, 2005 - Wife of the deceased has got divorce prior to the death of son of the petitioner and she has also received the permanent alimony; the present petitioner is widow mother and was dependent upon income of her son as her husband has already  expired - Having no source of income to support herself, has been deprived from the benefits which have been released by the respondent-Department to the son of deceased, this petition deserves to be allowed - Granted 50% of the pension to the petitioner. (176) PLR
  5. Family Settlement - Does not require compulsory registration - Concept of family settlement is well recognized in our society - It cannot be said that by family settlement, rights are created or transferred for the first time - Decree based on family settlement does not require compulsory  registration - Decree. (173) PLR 

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