1. GPA - Document itself did not confer any power to the attorney to sell the suit property - Very fact that the document of revocation of power of  attorney is duly registered that in itself is deemed to be a notice to the public at large.  (178) PLR (Del.)
  2. GPA - Only a photocopy thereof has been produced by him - So far as the respondent is concerned, he has not disputed the contents of the photocopy of the attorney produced by the appellant - In the light of the fact that the content of the attorney having not been contested by any of the parties - - Whether such copy of G.P.A. could be read - Parties are not given an opportunity to fill up a lacuna in their case after the pronouncement of the order and, if any party, feels aggrieved, it has to move an application under Order 41 Rule 27 CPC, which, in the instant case, the appellant/plaintiff has not done - Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (V of 1908) Order 41 Rule 27.  (178) PLR (Del.)
  3. General Power Attorney and Special Power of Attorney - Suit for declaration - Filed through Special Power of Attorney who is none else but his father - Since the plaintiff is claiming ownership on the basis of the sale deed, she should have stepped into the witness box on her own, instead of examining her General Power of Attorney and Special Power of Attorney - Even the application seeking permission to examine her by way of additional evidence has not been moved by her, but by the aforementioned General Power of Attorney and Special Power of Attorney and rightly so, the application has been declined. (183) PLR


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