• High Court Rules and Orders, Vol. I, Chapter I-N - As regards to reports of Local Commissioners, undisputedly, the procedure for `Hadd-Shikni' i.e, demarcation, has been laid down under Chapter 1-N of the High Court Rules and Orders, Vol.I, which is based on instructions issued by the Financial Commissioner - Makes it ample clear that in case there is dispute with regard to the boundaries, the Field Kanungo is to demarcate the land on the basis of map and masavvis and for that purpose, he can set all the points of boundaries which are shown in the map - It is however, made clear that if there is no map on the square system available, then he will have to find three `pucca points' on different sides and then demarcate the land.   (182) P.L.R.
  • High Court Rules and Orders, Volume IV, Chapter 7, Part `J' - Executing Court should have moved through District Judge or Civil Judge (Senior Division) to the Commissioner of Police/Superintendent of Police for providing police help to remove the resistance or obstruction, which may be caused by the judgment debtor or any other person at his instigation - The direction appears to be validly issued - The only deficiency is that the direction has been given directly to Deputy Superintendent of Police - It may be an inadvertent mistake on the part of learned Addl. Civil Judge (Senior Division) - The Additional Civil Judge (Senior Division), who has the same powers as Civil Judge (Senior Division), is therefore, competent to issue such direction but in accordance with the relevant provisions of law. (182) P.L.R. 


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