• Haryana Affiliated Colleges (Security of Service) Act, 1979  Section 14 - Infighting between the Management or Government, the rights of the petitioners should not suffer in any way and for that the act was enacted for the security of service of such employees - Grant-in-aid, which is payable by the Government to such employees is required to be paid by the Government to the employees except for the share of the management for which the petitioners may also litigate - However, at present, the respondent-State is directed to pay 45% more out of 95% grant-in-aid which is payable to the college and other similarly situated employees. (183) P.L.R.
  • Haryana Affiliated Colleges (Security Service) Act 1979 - Privately managed institution - Respondent does not owe its existence to a statute - The institution has a separate existence of its own without any reference to the statute concerned, but is merely governed by the statutory provisions - Thus, it cannot be said to be a statutory body - Even if, there is termination of services of an employee of an affiliated institution, the issue is as what remedies are available to aggrieved person - The plaintiff is an employee of a private institution, which is not a State - The remedy of reinstatement is available only to an employee of a State or an instrumentality or agency of the State or to a workman governed by the Industrial Disputes Act - Therefore, the relief of reinstatement cannot be claimed by the employees of a privately managed affiliated institute.  (179) P.L.R.  


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