• Haryana Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1961 Section 10(1) - Decision taken at an informal meeting of the members of the Board and of the Sales Tax Department cannot overrule the statutory provisions - Nor are they entitled to impose conditions contrary to the provisions of law and without authority or power to do so under such laws - Once it is found that the relevant statute permits a party to apply for more than one licence, the officers of the department concerned cannot issue general directions preventing them from applying for and obtaining two licences - It is for the authorities then to ensure adherence to the law - Nothing which prevents the respondents from introducing necessary amendments, even with retrospective effect, prohibiting the grant of licences under both the categories - Directed respondents to consider the petitioners' applications for renewal of licences - The same shall not be refused only on the ground that the petitioners already hold a licence under one of the categories.  (182) P.L.R. 

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