• Haryana Aided Schools (Special Provision and Contributing Fund) Rules, 2001, Rule 5(3) - Rule 5(3) wherein, it is provided that service rendered in one or more aided schools under the same Management, is to be counted - Admittedly, the Management of both the schools is different - But the posts against which the petitioner worked in two different schools were aided posts, for which the grants were sanctioned by the Government - Both the posts are pensionable posts - Mere change of Management cannot lead to changing the nature of service for Government aided posts, if it was otherwise countable towards pension and retiral benefits - The petitioner cannot be put to loss or in a disadvantageous position in such a situation - The equity and fairness demand that the services rendered by the petitioner in earlier school against aided post be counted towards the pension and all consequential retiral benefits - Pension - Retiral benefits. (178) P.L.R.  

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