• Haryana Cattle Farm Act, 1970,  Section 22 - Haryana Cattle Farm Rules, 1970, Rule 2(a) - Parchi writer - Certificate writer -That a direction should be issued to the limited extent to the State Government to decide the legal notice does not impress me - There should be a clear demonstration of right to relief and duty cast upon the respondents to decide such representations before this Court entertains such petitions and pass orders as prayed for in this  petition - No interference or judicial intervention is called for or warranted under the Act or rules which do not even prescribe even their duties and responsibilities or emoluments, salary etc. - If they get remuneration it is not paid from public funds appropriated by the legislature but are paid probably out of the cattle fair fund since source of payments are not prescribed - Merely because the State Government approves the names of certificate writers sponsored and engaged by the fair officer appointed by the State Government will not confer right to regularization as it is only a regulatory mechanism to lend them authority to act in the sphere of work assigned and supervised by the cattle fair officer working under the control and supervision of the Deputy Commissioner of the district to carry out the purposes of the special law. (174) P.L.R.  

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