• Haryana Civil Services (Executive Branch) Rule 2008, Rule 11 - Preliminary examination (for Secreening only) - Advertisement clearly reflects the real position that the preliminary examination comprising an objective type multiple choice test is for screening purposes only - When the preliminary examination is based on an objective type multiple choice question paper, none can complain that they have been unfairly dealt with - The purpose of competition at the stage of preliminary examination is to take the best in each category and take the result forward for the final examination which alone will govern ultimate selection - It is in fact a misnomer to use the word `merit' for screening test - Merely because the petitioners have secured more marks than the last general category candidate short listed in the open general category would not give them any vested right at this stage for selection and appointment - The marks in the preliminary examination are not to be counted for the purpose of drawing up  merit. (173) P.L.R.  

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