1. Haryana Civil Services (Judicial Branch) - Advertisement dated 12.03.2000 - High Court took a decision and since the petitioner had secured less than 50% marks in aggregate, in written examination and viva-voce, he was ousted from the process of consideration - Four persons however challenged the decision - Writ petition was allowed - Petitioner case is that once persons similarly situated as him and ousted from selection on account of the aforesaid restriction of the High Court, approached this Court successfully, the door for selection would open to him as well - No question was raised by him regarding more names to be recommended against the unforeseen vacancies - It is only in the year 2003 when the petitions of some persons were accepted that he chose to rake up the issue - By that time, it was too late as the subsequent selections in the year 2001 also stood finalized.  (183) P.L.R.  
  2. Haryana Civil Services (Judicial Branch) - Approached the Commission requesting them to consider her under the Ex-serviceman category as a dependent of an Ex-serviceman instead of Special Backward Class - This application of hers was duly received by the Commission - Received much before the last date - While a candidate is applying online, he or she may, through a bona fide mistake, apply under a category in which one does not intend to - There was no provision on the website of the Commission allowing correction - Whether there was a provision on the website of the Commission allowing correction in the online application form, the answer came in the negative - Therefore, there was no option left with the petitioner, but to approach the Commission through her application dated 01.10.2014 - If one is human, one will err - What the Court would normally see is whether that error is bona fide. (178) P.L.R.  
  3. Haryana Civil Services (Judicial Branch) Examination, 2007 - Neither the Punjab Civil Services (Judicial Branch) Rules, 1951, as applicable to the State of Haryana nor the advertisement published contain any condition of revaluation of the marks - In the absence of any condition of revaluation, the petitioners cannot claim revaluation of their answer scripts and for setting aside of the same. (173) P.L.R.  
  4. Haryana Civil Services (Judicial Branch) Preliminary Examination - If it has been found that five questions are such which have multiple answers or the frame of the questions is not clear, the same could very well be deleted - The consequences of deletion is that all candidates whether they have attempted such questions or not or attempted such questions rightly or wrongly are treated at par as no credit or discredit is given to any candidate of such questions - The decision to delete a question lies in the wisdom of the experts who in the process of finalization of the answer key have decided to delete such questions - It is not necessary that there should be a condition in the advertisement itself that an objective type question can be deleted by the examining body in the process of finalization of the answer key. (178) P.L.R.  


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