1. Haryana Co-operative Societies Rules, 1984, Rule 28 - Haryana Co-operative Societies Act, 1984 (22 of 1984) S. 35 - Haryana State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd. (HARCO) Bye-laws 31, 33, 34 - Only question which requires consideration in this case is as to whether the term of the Director/Representative of the Central Bank as a nominated member of the Board of Directors of the HARCO Bank is co-terminus with the expiry of the term of the Managing Committee of the Central Bank - His term as a Director of the Central Bank had expired on 18.07.2014 and once he looses the status of a Director of the Central Bank, he could not have been allowed to continue as a Director, being a representative Director of the Central Bank, on the Board of the Managing Committee of the HARCO Bank. (180) P.L.R.  
  2. Haryana Co-operative Societies Rules, 1989, Rule 110 - Impugned order cannot be sustained for the reason that inspite of stay, the emergency meeting was got fixed by concealing material fact with regard to meeting already fixed for 26.04.2014 and the proceeding book was tampered with and time was subsequently added to show that meeting was already held when notice of stay was received - This all has been done, when the zonal list had already been finalized and election process had commenced - The society could have proceeded in accordance with the provisions of  law. (176) P.L.R.  


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