• Haryana Evacuee Properties (Management and Disposal) Act, 2008 (7 of 2008) - Haryana Evacuee Properties (Management and Disposal) Amendment Act, 2010 (5 of 2010) - Haryana Evacuee Properties (Management and Disposal) Rules, 2011 - Petitioner is not an illegal occupant - She was a bona fide allottee for due consideration - It is also undisputed that the amount for which the allotment was initially made in favour of the petitioner, had been paid at that very point of time - Petitioner never defaulted while making the payment - State could not give any justified reason to ask the petitioner to pay at the current price - The allotment in question was made in pursuance of policy instructions formulated by the State Government - Petitioner was found to be an eligible person for the allotment of the land, which was lying vacant adjacent to her house - Further, the small piece of land which was allotted to the petitioner, was not going to be of any use to the State Government - Demand raised by the respondents seeking direction to the petitioners to pay the current price has been found to be totally unreasonable which is liable to be rejected. (173) P.L.R.  
  • Haryana Evacuee Properties (Management and Disposal) Act, 2008 (7 of 2008) - Punjab Refugees (Registration of Land Claims) Ordinance, 1948 (12 of 1948) - Predecessors-in-interest of the petitioner themselves got cancelled the allotment of land at Village in Kaithal District because of the reason that they were residing in Rajasthan and were allotted land by the Rehabilitation Department of Rajasthan as well - His predecessors-in-interest were given notice (Annexure P-5) to deposit some amount of the land allotted in Rajasthan but since it was not deposited, allotment was not finally made - Since the predecessors-in-interest of the petitioner found that they would not be able to get allotment in Rajasthan, the application has been filed in Haryana for the purpose of restoring the land - Dismissed - Order upheld. (173) P.L.R.  


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