1. Haryana Lokayukta Act, 2002 (1 of 2003) - Even after receipt of the report from the Lokayukta, the competent authority was required to apply its independent mind before taking any action on such a report. (173) P.L.R.  
  2. Haryana Lokayukta Act, 2002 (1 of 2003) - If he was a public servant and the act promised was capable of being performed by a public servant that ought to be sufficient to invoke the jurisdiction for a Lokayukta to enquire into the matter. (180) P.L.R.  
  3. Haryana Lokayukta Act, 2002 (1 of 2003) S. 11 to 14 - Delegation of Powers to Registrar - It shall be competent for the Lokayukta if he wants to invest in the Registrar any power to the extent as is contemplated in the aforesaid sections and his own activities shall stand restricted to it - The power already granted which, if it is not modified, shall stand confined only to routing the inquiries through him and making possible only for the Lokayukta to pass appropriate order - The Registrar himself shall not pass any order beyond what is specifically stated.  (178) P.L.R.  
  4. Haryana Lokayukta Act, 2002 (1 of 2003) S. 17(1)(a) - How the Lokayukta could have decided to add a large postscript that the matter would require to be investigated and a case to be registered, if he was answering a reference that the imputation had not been corroborated through adequate evidence - There is no halfway job that is possible for a Lokayukta to hold that there was no material to substantiate the charge but would make such an answer of reference to be inconsequential by a contradictory direction to the competent authority to register a complaint of offence under the Provisions of Corruption Act. (180) P.L.R.  
  5. Haryana Lokayukta Act, 2002 (1 of 2003) S. 23(1) - Once the responsible officers of the State Government were attending the proceedings before the Lokayukta, provisions of Section 23(1) of the Act would stand complied with - Further, it is not the case of the petitioner that he had been exonerated by another competent authority of the State Government in the similar complaint - Above all, no prejudice of any kind in this regard has been shown to have been caused to the petitioner. (173) P.L.R.  
  6. Haryana Lokayukta Act, 2002 (1 of 2003) S. 8, 10 - Section 8 deals with the reference received by the Lokayukta from the government,whereas under Section 10 of the Act, the Lokayukta is competent to entertain the complaint moved by any person. (173) P.L.R.  
  7. Haryana Lokayukta Act, 2002 (1 of 2003) Sections 17, 18 - Clear from sections 17 and 18 of the Act that Lokayukta is competent to conduct an inquiry in respect of a complaint and ask for a report from the concerned department after taking appropriate action - Under provisions 18(1) of the Act, the Lokayukta has power to issue interim directions just to avoid any grave injustice but the competent authority is to deal with the interim  direction - Complaint - It was  mentioned in the complaint that the department is delaying the process of promotion knowingly and deliberately for the last six months just to give benefit to those candidates who were not eligible for the post of Executive Engineer - Respondent No.1 has only recommended to the competent authority that the promotion case of the complainants be considered in accordance with rules on the subject and action report be submitted as per provisions of Section 17(2) of the Act - Order upheld. (176) P.L.R.  


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