• Haryana Municipal (Charging of Composition Fee for Regularisation of Unauthorised Construction (Rules) 2003 - Haryana Municipal Act, 1973 (24 of 1973) - Office note reveals that it only talks of a desire of the Chief Minister that existing structure of rates/fees be reviewed so as to bring parity in the rates/fees between the Department(s) of Town & Country Planning and the Urban Local Bodies - It further states that the file be processed and put up - The proposal, however, is not shown to have materialized subsequently into a final decision having taken at any level - Thus, it could not be used by the respondents as basis to charge composition fee from the petitioner at the rates approved by the Department of Town and Country Planning - 2003 Rules and/or the schedule appended thereto, admittedly, have not yet been amended so as to alter the rates of composition fee prescribed thereby so as to bring these rates at par with the rates of composition fee charged by Department of Town and Country Planning.  (174) P.L.R.  

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