• Haryana Public Money (Recovery of Dues) Act, 1979 (6 of 1979) S. 2(b), (c) - Haryana Financial Corporation is a Corporation under the Act - Suit to declare buy back agreement as void - Section 3 of the Act empowers the Corporation to make recovery of its outstanding dues from the defaulter as arrears of land revenue by getting the certificate of recovery of the amount issued from the competent authority whereas subsection (4) of Section 3 in clear terms takes away the jurisdiction of the Civil Court to entertain or/and adjudicate "any case" relating to the recovery of any sum due from the defaulter - It also takes away the jurisdiction of Civil Court to proceed with any pending case involving such issue - If any such case is pending on the date of commencement of the Act, such case shall stand abate - Attract the bar contained in filing a civil suit by a defaulter - State Financial Corporation Act, 1951 (63 of 1951). (S.C.)(182) P.L.R. 

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