• Haryana PWD Code, 2009 - Departmental Examination Rules, 1950, Rule 9(1) - Prescribed pass percentage 40% in individual subject to 50% in aggregate - A perusal of Rule 7.14 of Haryana Code shows pass criteria in the departmental examination was to be as per the applicable service rules or as may be prescribed by the Government - Admittedly, the applicable service rules do not prescribe the `pass' criteria and no pass marks have also been prescribed by the Government - In such a situation, when the 2009 Haryana Code is silent, so as to what would be the `pass' marks, as per the stand taken by the respondents in the written statement, one has to fall back on the 1950 Rules - Haryana Service of Engineers, Group `A' Public Works (Buildings and Roads), Department Act, 2010.  (182) P.L.R. 

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