• Haryana Revenue (Group `B') Service Rules, 1988, Rule 7 - Naib Tehsildar - Rules do not prescribe a departmental examination for promotee Kanungos - The rule prescribes a minimum five years experience as Kanungo for consideration for promotion to the post of Naib Tehsildar - That he should be allowed to sit for departmental examination to enable him to earn appointment/promotion as Naib Tehsildar  v.  therefore, cannot claim as a matter of right a consideration of his case to appear for the departmental examination which is prescribed only for direct recruit Naib Tahsildars and Tahsildars - There is apparently good reason for this because directly recruited Naib Tahsildars and Tahsildars may have no knowledge of the practical application of revenue law in the field which they can learn only through process of training and to be tested by a prescribed departmental revenue examination whereas the petitioner, a promotee Kanungo from the post of Patwari has learnt or ought to have; revenue law through the medium of Patwar School training and through experience gained while serving in the revenue department of the State in order to shoulder the duties and responsibilities of the higher post of Naib Tahsildar earned through promotion, a right conferred by operation of rules. (174) P.L.R.  

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