• Haryana Shri Mata Mansa Devi Shrine Act, 1991 (10 of 1991) S. 19 - Rights of Pujari extinguished - Tribunal had to take into consideration the income which the Pujari had been deriving - Tribunal keeping in view the inventory (Exhibit P3), came to the conclusion that the claimant would be getting 1/3rd of the share of the offerings and applied a multiplier of 20 times and accordingly, awarded a sum of Rs.2 lacs as compensation along with interest @ 8% per annum from the date of the petition till its realization - The issue regarding the earlier Civil Suit and the bar under Order 2 Rule 2 CPC was rightly rejected keeping in view the fact that the Tribunal had specifically been empowered to adjudicate on the said issue - Constitution of India, Article 227. (178) P.L.R.  

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