• Haryana State Co-operative Apex Bank Staff Service (Common Cadre) Rules, 1989, Rule 58 - Bye-laws 38 - A combined reading of By-law 38 and Rule 58 of the Act would lead to a conclusion that the Board of Directors are competent to amend or delete any service rules subject to approval of the Registrar, Cooperative Society - A reading of the above said by-laws and Rule does not make out that the Board of Directors/Administrators cannot review or delete any rule relating to the Service Rules of the society.  Held, that in the present case, on a representation made by the petitioners, the Board of Administrators, vide its meeting held on 23.07.2009 (Annexure P-5), had passed a resolution for making amendment in the rules. In the written statement filed by respondent No.3, it has been stated that issue of quota and qualification along with proposed amendment in the relevant rules came up for confirmation in the meeting of the Board of Administrators held on 20.10.2009, wherein it was decided to reconsider the said issue in the next meeting of the Board, as it might lead to quota within quota. The next meeting of the Board was held on 22.01.2010, wherein it was resolved that respondent No.2 be requested to restore the provisions of Rules as it existed earlier. Thereafter, vide Annexure P-9, the Registrar had accepted the same resolution and restored the old Rules, which did not invite for a special quota for graduate Peons for further promotion to the post of Clerk. After going through the pleadings of the parties, this Court is of the view that Resolution dated 22.01.2010 (Annexure P-8) has been passed in accordance with By-law 38 and Rule 58 of the Haryana State Cooperative Apex Bank's Staff Service (Common Cadre) Rules, 1989.   (182) P.L.R. 

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