• Haryana State Minor Irrigation Corporation Rules, Rule 9.3, Clause 6 - There is no discretion left for authority to pay the monetary benefits from the date of acquittal to the date of rejoining duty, there is a discretion for an authority to deny the full monetary benefits during the period of suspension when the criminal case was pending - Mere fact that he was proceeded in a criminal case cannot be taken as constituting a disrespect to the  organization - Well known precept of law that departmental proceedings and Criminal Court proceedings operate in distinct fields where the respective standards of proof are also different - If the management had not thought fit to lead appropriate evidence before the Enquiry Officer to prove the charge of illegal gratification or causing disrepute to the organization, the institution of the criminal complaint itself ought not to have been taken by the Enquiry Officer as proof of the said  charge. (173) P.L.R.  

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