• Haryana State Technical Education - Providing for Scholarships/ Freeships to students pursuing Diploma/Degree/Masters and Doctorate programmes in these Courses with a view to attract talent in Technical Education - In the category of the petitioner, Scholarship of Rs.40,000/- per student per year or actual tuition fee, whichever is less, was specified - Decision taken in meeting of Board of Governors on 09.01.2014 - That all the scholarship schemes except hardship based scholarships were decided to be discontinued from the year 2012-2013 onwards - Meaning thereby that upto 09.01.2014, there was no decision to discontinue the scholarship scheme especially for the category to which petitioner belongs - The Board did not have power to discontinue the scholarship benefits to eligible students on the ground that there is shortage of money with the Society, with retrospective effect - The action should have been taken immediately and not nearly after two years for discontinuing the scheme from the years   2012-2013, onwards. (182) P.L.R. 

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