• Haryana Superior Judicial Service Rules, 2007, Rule 7 - Specific case that there being no prescription of 50% or 45% marks in aggregate to be attained by a candidate for consideration any decision taken by the High Court without amendment of the Rules would be illegal and liable to be struck down - No infirmity in the decision taken by the Selection Committee of the High Court acting as a delegate of the High Court to supplement the Rules by prescribing marks which are intended to ensure merit by providing a benchmark - It is a settled proposition of law that the power of the authority to supplement the Rules cannot be denied.  (183) P.L.R.
  • Haryana Superior Judicial Service Rules 2007, Rule 6 - Validity - Petitioner having, thus, participated in the process for assessment of suitability as prescribed by Rules 6 and 8 of the Rules - The petitioner is precluded from challenging the validity of Rule 6 and procedure adopted for assessment of his suitability. (173) P.L.R.  
  • Haryana Superior Judicial Service Rules 2007, Rule 8 - As evidenced by copy of minutes of meeting of the Recruitment Committee the comparative merits of the candidates was assessed by five Hon'ble Judges of this Court, including the Hon'ble Chief Justice, and the final result was prepared after assimilating the marks given by each member of the Committee after objectively assessing the various aspects, viz. annual confidential reports, length of service and quality of judgments besides the marks obtained in the written test and viva voce - This demolishes petitioner's plea that unguided and uncontrolled discretion has been given by the rule to the respondents herein and that there are no parameters, guidelines or criterion for assessing merit of the candidates.  (173) P.L.R.  


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