• Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction Act, 1973 ( II of 1973) - Eviction order passed - Ground which has been taken for dismissal of the execution petition is that the respondent-decree holder is no more the landlord as she had sold the said house and is no more the owner of the same, cannot be  accepted - Landlord is not mandated to be the owner of the house/demised premises, it preliminary depends upon the relationship of landlord and tenants - She might have ceased to be the owner of the house in question but she continues to be the landlord for all intents and purposes so far as the relationship of landlord and tenant is concerned, specially when there is nothing in the sale deed which is indicative of the fact that she has given up her right of being the landlord of the demised premises - Objections dismissed - Order upheld.  (180) P.L.R.  
  • Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act, 1973 (II of 1973) - Establishment of Tribunals are a method of loosening the procedural rigmarole - The conduct of the trial ought to allow for certain flexibility in the matter of pleadings or evidence - If the relationship of the person for whose behalf the eviction is sought is admitted, then the issue must only be considered from the point of view of whether the landlord was trying to set up a ruse by introducing the name of some person when he cannot prove his own requirement.(180) P.L.R.  

    Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act, 1973 (II of 1973) - Rent has already been tendered by the respondent from time to time as agreed, however, the only dispute is with regard to payment of interest on the said rent - The respondent-defendant with bona fide intention had made a prayer for calculating the interest so that he may deposit the same in accordance with law - Trial Court has rightly directed the petitioner to assess the interest on the tendered rent and to submit calculations in the Court so that the respondent-defendant may deposit interest. (174) P.L.R.  

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