• Indian Administrative Service (Recruitment) Rules, 1954 - All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969 - Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 (49 of 1988) S. 19(3) - Once there is an order sanctioning prosecution of the petitioner, the issue can only be raised during the course of trial - Section 19(3) of the Act clearly provides that no finding, sentence or order passed by a Special Judge shall be reversed or altered by a court of Appeal on the ground of absence of, or any error, omission or irregularity in the sanction required, unless in the opinion of the court, a failure of justice has occasioned - The issue regarding failure of justice can be determined only when the trial commences and the evidence is  led - There are enough provisions in the criminal law to take care of the grievance of the petitioner - A civil writ petition otherwise also would not be an appropriate remedy - Constitution of India, Article 226. (174) P.L.R.  

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