1. Indian Oil Corporation - Appellant is admittedly a dealer of Indian Oil Corporation for dispensing the oil, petrol, diesel and other petroleum products in the area of Dwarka - An inspection of the said dealership was conducted and it was found that he had tampered with the seals which were high security seals - Arbitrator appointed who imposed a penalty termination of dealership on account of tampering with seals - Plea that he ought to have been given an opportunity to rectify the breach and the nature of breach is that he had tampered with the seals - This cannot be permitted to be done. (174) P.L.R.  (Del.)
  2. Indian Oil Corporation - Site for Kisan Seva Kendra - It is the condition precedent that the land should be clear from high tension overhead line and if high tension overhead line passes over the plot, the same will be disqualified - The petitioner approached the authorities concerned for shifting of high tension line just before the date of interview - This does not fulfil the aforementioned condition precedent that there should not be overhead high tension line passing over the land - There is nothing on record to show that the authorities concerned have agreed to shift the high tension line to some other place. (180) P.L.R. 
  3. Indian Oil Corporation - Where there has been deviation from the original constitution of the firm without the approval of the Indian Oil Corporation, the rectification of such deviation has been permitted - An undertaking has to be taken from the dealer, requesting for condoning the past accounts and confirming understanding of the provisions of agreement for compliance in future - Purpose of the policy is to give a chance to the erring dealer to bring the dealership within the conformity of the policy of the Indian Oil Corporation - The rectification, therefore, is with an intent to facilitate and help the dealers for correcting the wrongs/omissions/commissions, if any, committed by them - One or more partners can move an application for giving an undertaking to this effect - Thereafter, the Indian Oil Corporation would proceed to take a decision on the basis of the said undertaking - It is clarified that if an application/undertaking is submitted by one of the partners of the originally constituted approved firm, the same will be considered as a valid undertaking on behalf of the firm.  (179) P.L.R.  


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