1. Insecticides Act, 1968 (46 of 1968) - Fertilizer (Control) Order 1985 - Petitioner herein are manufacturers of bio-products, which are claimed to be substitute of insecticides and fertilizers but not strictly falling in the definition of insecticides - Any manufacturer producing any bioproduct claiming to be substitute of `insecticides' or `fertilizer' but not strictly covered under the definition of `insecticides' or `fertilizer' shall apply to the Director General Agriculture, Haryana and Director, Agriculture Punjab, in respective States seeking permission for selling its products in the States concerned giving particulars of the products being manufactured or imported for sale - The brand name and the contents of the products shall be supplied - Chief Agriculture Officers in their respective districts shall be entitled to draw samples of the products being sold as bio-products as substitute for `insecticides' or `fertilizer' in two states. (182) P.L.R.
  2. Insecticides Act, 1968 (46 of 1968) S. 9(3) - Registration is to the products, namely, of the insecticide in its particular formulation and not the registration of a product of the particular manufacturer, who is identified supplier from a particular source - Consequently, any other person desiring to import or manufacture insecticide cannot be compelled to show anything more than he is importing a registered insecticide.       (180) P.L.R. 
  3. Insecticides Act, 1968 (46 of 1968) S. 9(4) - Insecticide Rules, Rule 2(g) - Will not find the requirement of securing an affidavit from the supplier as unreasonable - It has surely an object to secure, namely, that a technical manufacturer who is a manufacturer and whose product has been certified as a registered insecticide shall alone be the person who will supply to the applicant and the certificate is not misused in any sense - If there is a requirement under the Rule to spell out the name and address of the supplier, it cannot be merely left to be a cosmetic exercise - The name and address of the supplier given shall be of a person who has committed himself to supply to the applicant and that commitment can obtain only through an affidavit as insisted by the authority.       (180) P.L.R.  


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