1. Insurance Act, 1938 - Section 64(VB) - Insurance Cheque - Premium cheque bounced - Second cheque/correct cheque was given by the insured - In case where a cheque issued for part payment of premium is dishonored and subsequently, correct cheque is also issued to make up the deficiency of the premium without taking any advantage from policy issued by the insurance company then the contract would come into being from the date when the entire premium is paid - Motor Vehicles Act, 1955 (59 of 1955) S
  2. Insurance Act, 1938 (4 of 1938) S. 644 UM - Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999 (41 of 1999) - Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors (IISLA) - Any person holding a valid licence under Section 42D of the Insurance Act can obtain the membership of the IIISLA by complying with the requisite formalities - Only the election to the Council of IIISLA which is under supervision of Election Officer appointed by IRDA and not the election to the Zonal Council and the State Chapters, which are under the supervision of the Council - Procedure and Law. (183) P.L.R.  (Del.)
  3. Insurance Act, 1978 - Section 45 - Misstatement of facts - Insured furnished wrong information in the proposal form by concealing that she availed leave on medical grounds - Deliberate wrong answer which has a great bearing on the contract of insurance, if discovered may lead to the policy being vitiated in law - Unable to agree with the submissions of counsel for the respondent that the alleged misstatement was either material in nature or the same has any bearing much less a great bearing on the contract of insurance - Died more than four years after she sustained an injury on her foot/leg - Submitted applications for leave on medical grounds and appended medical certificates issued by a doctor of a Government hospital, the said fact could be ascertained by the insurer by making a reasonable enquiry from her employer - Appeal allowed - Suit decreed.


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