• Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 Section 2(d)(v) - Act provides that the child who does not have parent and no one is willing to take care of, will fall in the category of "child in need of care and protection" - In the instant case, no doubt minor has no parent or parental grandparent, but at the same time, even as per the case of the petitioners, they are ready and willing to take care of minor - Being there grandson (son of the deceased daughter) not disputed that the procedure prescribed under Rule 33 of the Rules has also not been complied with or followed for seeking adoption of minor under the provisions of Juvenile Act. (183) P.L.R.
  • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children) Act, 2000, Section 2(k), 7(a)  - The appellant falls within the definition of juvenile under Section 2(k) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children) Act, 2000 -  He can raise the plea of juvenility at any time and before any court as per the mandate of Section 7(a) and has rightly done so. (2016)3 P.L.R. SC 562


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