• Kurukshetra University - An autonomous body - Vice-Chancellor of the University is the Principal Executive and Academic Officer of the University and he exercises general supervision and control over the affairs of the university - It is stated that the State Government has no role in respect of appointments to be made by the University.(181) P.L.R. 
  • Kurukshetra University - Charging Rs.500/- per annum for Youth Welfare Fund/Fee from the students of Technical/B.Ed. Colleges - Petition by institute challenging the same - Once the charge is not violative of any statutory provisions of the University and the money is being spent upon the welfare activities - The locus standi of the petitioner-institute to question the said charge is not tenable. (175) P.L.R. 
  • Kurukshetra University - Charging Youth Welfare Fund/Fees from the students - Difference in the fees charged from students of different institutes is also on the basis of different courses which the students are studying in and since the petitioner-institute is imparting education in technical courses, the fees charged would be more and, therefore, no fault can be found. (175) P.L.R. 
  • Kurukshetra University - Moot point for consideration before this Court is once the petitioner has not opted for the pension scheme and opted to continue with the existing CPF scheme, whether a direction can be given to the respondents to accept his request/option submitted beyond the stipulated period - Department has failed to produce on record that the instructions have been got noted down from the petitioner - Petitioner being IV class employee and illiterate cannot be deprived of the benefit, which has been opted by other employees - It was the mistake on the part of the respondent-department that they had not got circular/instructions noted down from the employees. (183) P.L.R.
  • Kurukshetra University - Petitioner who was appointed under the Self Financing Scheme cannot seek the benefit of protection under the Haryana Affiliated Colleges (Security of Services) Rules 2006.   (182) P.L.R. 


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