Rent Act - Limitation Act, Section 5  - Compromise - It is true that there was a delay of 604 days in filing the appeal, but in cases where there is reasonable doubt that police may have forced a party to enter into compromise, the process of Court ought to weigh in favour of a party who alleges to be victim of such pressure - Compromise recorded in Police Station inter alia  not found to be acceptable by this Court and the matter remanded - Compromise was brought about on even before the eviction petition was filed by the respondent - Further, said compromise was addressed to the Inspector of Police, City Crime Branch -  The appellate court had observed that complaint and compromise were not disputed by the respondent and no document in rebuttal was filed - The complaint proceeds on a premise that the lease deed was a forged document and there was no relationship of landlord-tenant between the parties - Yet an eviction petition was filed, seeking eviction of the appellants under the concerned Rent Act - There is an inherent contradiction in the stand adopted by the Respondent - In the circumstances, the assertion made by the appellants that pressure was exerted through the police and they were compelled to enter into compromise is prima facie acceptable.(2018)2 SCeJ 1346

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