Self Financing Housing Scheme, 2016

Self Financing Housing Scheme, 2016 – Brochure Clause III(4), Clause IV(5) – Surrender – It was so as a condition was there in the Brochure that even in case of allotment to more than one i.e. husband and wife and minor children, only one dwelling unit/flat could have been allotted - In the present case, both respondent No.2 and her husband were successful - The application for surrender of the flat was made within a period of 30 days of draw of lots/allotment of husband of respondent No.2 - Respondent No.2 was declared successful on 10.06.2016, whereas her husband was declared successful on 25.07.2016 - Accordingly, the period of 30 days for surrender of the flat/dwelling unit was to be counted w.e.f. from 25.07.2016 and not from 10.06.2016 - As per Clause III(4), the initial deposit of such surrendered dwelling unit was required to be refunded without any forfeiture.     (2018-3) PUNJAB LAW REPORTER

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