1. 1.
    a place regarded as holy because of its associations with a divinity or a sacred person or relic, marked by a building or other construction.
    "the medieval pilgrim route to the shrine of St James"
    synonyms: holy placetemplechurchchapeltabernaclealtarsanctuarysanctum

(2018)2 SCeJ 1237


05 July, 2018


Shrines – Maintenance of – Complaint to District Judge  - The  issue  of  difficulties  faced  by  the  visitors, exploitative practices, deficiencies in the management, maintenance of hygiene, proper utilization of offerings and protection of assets may require consideration with regard to all Shrines throughout the India, irrespective of religion practiced in such shrines - Section  92  of Code  of  Civil  Procedure, permits  a Court also to issue direction for making a scheme or making an arrangement for any charitable or religious institution -  Accordingly, we direct that if any devotee moves the jurisdictional District Judge throughout the India with any grievance on the above aspect, the District Judge may either himself/herself or by assigning the issue/matter to any other Court under his/her jurisdiction examine above aspects and if necessary send a report to the High Court - We have no doubt that the High Court will consider these aspects in public interest in accordance with law and issue such judicial directions as becomes necessary having regard to individual fact situation -  It cannot be disputed that this aspect is covered by List III Item 28 of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India and there is need to look into this aspect by the Central Government, apart from State Governments -    Constitution of India, Seventh Schedule List III Item 28 - Civil  Procedure Code, 1908,  Section  92.     




(2018)2 SCeJ 1237

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