Societies Registration Act, 1860

Societies Registration Act, 1860 (21 of 1860) – Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 (1 of 2012) (HRARS Act, 2012) – It is apparent that Governing Body of the College and the Ahir College Society are two separate entities - Ahir College Society is governed by the provisions of the HRRS Act, 2012 and the Governing Body of College is governed by the Private College Management Act as well as University Calendar/Rules - The concern of the Governing Body is limited only to the College affairs and its functions under the College Society - The election of Governing Body of the College was held in presence of University Observer but due to getting equal number of votes for the post of President and General Secretary, result could not be declared – Petitioner himself filed two separate nominations for the post of President of the College Society as well as Governing Body, which shows that both the bodies are separate entities. (2018-3) PUNJAB LAW REPORTER

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