Insurance - Contra Proferentem Rule has an ancient genesis -  When words are to be construed, resulting in two alternative interpretations then, the interpretation which is against the person using or drafting the words or expressions which have given rise to the difficulty in construction against the party, who has drafted them, applies - This Rule is often invoked while interpreting standard form contracts - Such contracts heavily comprise of forms with printed terms which are invariably used for the same kind of contracts, also such contracts are harshly worded against individuals and not read and understood most often, resulting in grave legal implications -  When such standard form contracts ordinarily contain exception clauses, they are invariably construed contra proferentem against a person who has drafted the same. #2020 SCeJ 1366 

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CIVIL · 20. August 2020

Electronic Evidence

Electronic Evidence as the Supreme Court said....





CRIMINAL · 11. August 2020


Bail – Nowhere is it the law that an accused, yet to be tried, is to be kept in custody only on a hunch or a presumption that he will prejudice or impede trial; or to send any message to the society

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