Motive and Eye witness

IPC, 1860 - Motive and Eye witnesses  - Plea that prosecution has failed to establish and prove the motive and/or that the motive alleged of the incident is prior to four months of the incident in question – Presence of eye witnesses  - In a case where the eye-witnesses are available, the motive becomes insignificant – Where there are the eye-witnesses to the incident the motive is insignificant - Motive is not an explicit requirement under the Penal Code, though "motive" may be helpful in proving the case of the prosecution in a case of circumstantial evidence - When there are definite evidence proving an incident and eye-witness account prove the role of accused, absence in proving of the motive by prosecution does not affect the prosecution case. Jafel Biswas v. State of West Bengal (2019) 12 SCC 560, referred. #2020 SCeJ 1651  


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