♦ “… When a spouse makes a complaint about the treatment of cruelty by the partner in life or relations, the court should not search for standard in life… We, the judges and lawyers, therefore, should not import our own notions of life. We may not go parallel with them. There may be generation gap between us and the parties. It would be better if we keep aside our customs and manners. It would be also better if we less depend upon precedents.” K. Jagannatha Shetty, J. in Shobha Rani v. Madhukar Reddi, (1988) 1 SCC 105

" When a statutory functionary makes an order based on certain grounds, its validity must be judged by the reasons so mentioned and cannot be supplemented by fresh reasons in the shape of affidavit or otherwise. Otherwise, an order bad in the beginning may, by the time it comes to Court on account of a challenge, get validated by additional grounds later brought out."  Mohinder Singh Gill v. Anr. v. The Chief Election Commissioner, New Delhi, (1978) 1 SCC 405

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